Quickly Sold Out

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trauma Harness - Pain, Defeat, Death & Revival

This is release number two hundred and thirty one for Already Dead Tapes and Records. Seventy six releases ago, in the year of 2014, Trauma Harness had a cassette on the label titled Advent Calendar, which has long sold out. Two editions of fifty cassettes! Now, nearly two years later, Pain, Defeat, Death & Revival arrives at Already Dead Tapes and Records. The difference between these tapes is vast and more accurately Pain, Defeat, Death & Revival is in it's own dimension.

For a project finding footholds in all out punk and rock, this release is a step to the side and off a cliff. Eleven tracks, over a half hour in length. Pain, Defeat, Death & Revival plays like a deep sea charter boat with a deck full of novice fishermen. Hooks getting sunk into flesh instead of fish. These tracks keep reeling back and snagging you. Three tracks that have the catchy everything are Echolocation, Big Rigs, How Low (Does Your Obsession Go?).... Twisted pop goodness. Earth Link is another track with superb writing. The entire composition is refreshing and imaginative. So different than how the title and artwork portray this tape.

Released in November by Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of one hundred. Currently available from the labels bandcamp page. Trauma Harness also has an lp titled Tried My Hardest available on Rat King Records bandcamp page.

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