Quickly Sold Out

Friday, March 17, 2017

Tristan Welch - Lights (A) - Demo Cassette

Beautiful cassette by Tristan Welch titled Lights (A). Have had this for a little while and partial resisted describing it because the cassettes seem to be sold out or gone. Maybe Tristan only made so many. He has a new compact disc out with experienced musician Ron Oshima titled God Bless America. The newest cd is poles apart from Lights (A), making this release a listen in different directions. You can listen to the entire composition on Tristan's souncloud page, so this post does have a purpose.

Basking drone music, like heat rippling surface vision on bright sunny days. The consistent evaporation of water causing the atmosphere to become saturated. Then these tracks let loose in a crescendo of rumbling energy. The process is cyclic like the patterns of Tristan's sounds. Slow moving ambient drift, asking only for relaxed ears. Peacefulness given place with the most controlled maelstrom. Both arresting your thoughts in oscillating contentment. Tristan has expert sense with patience and length of these tracks. Sustaining the most alluring drone and allowing the build up to have an intricate part. Both aspects maintaining you interest and are never overdone.

So for the tape... Listen to this on souncloud. If you like it let Tristan know you are interested. Maybe he has a few more or possibly this will be part of something bigger. Most excellent, wanted to get this out there for more to hear.

Tristan Welch - facebook - bandcamp - soundcloud