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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

WHEREAS - CMMZOZMM // Electronic Quartet

Frequency healing by the current controlling shaman. A combination of sonic rattle shaking and subject exorcism. WHEREAS baths the sound spectrum in a thick suspending medium of sprawled out harmonics. Infinite layers of rhythms and effects create pressure points like a bed of nails or the path of glowing amber coals. With mental fortitude the beauty is dazzling, but without preparation you will be disrupted from your stasis.

Two side long tracks each twenty minutes in length. CMMZOZMM // Electronic Quartet plays like one forty minute piece with a flip in the middle. Controlled is the best word to describe this composition. There is so much content, nooks and crannies of sounds, all wafting up from the cauldron. A pinch of distortion, a dash of beats causing tiny explosions on the surface membrane. Amazingly everything stays close to the core. There are no points leaving you abandoned from experimental over clocking. WHEREAS keeps a base, a sonic foothold, and distorts the atmosphere surrounding it. This creates a very listenable environment that becomes more appreciated with each time through.

WHEREAS is a project of Cameron MacNair, Mike Meanstreetz, Omar Zubair and Maneesh Madahar. I described a cassette recently by the band PRESENT with Mike Meanstreetz as a member. CMMZOZMM // Electronic Quartet is released on the Los Angeles label Tingo Tongo Tapes. This is a mysterious label uncovering the most recluse sounds. You can purchase a copy of this WHEREAS release from Mike Meanstreetz's bandcamp page. In an edition of one hundred.

Tingo Tongo Tapes - soundcloud - bandcamp - facebook - youtube
Mike Meanstreetz site - bandcamp - facebook