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Friday, April 14, 2017

German Army - Pyura Chilensis

When civilization as we know it eventually transforms, the industrial expanse will begin to deteriorate. Buildings and warehouses becoming overgrown with vegetation as the shells begin to crumble. The remaining human population will find shelter. Rituals will begin to form again. The tribal sounds of drums echoing from abandoned factories will be heard miles from their origin. Wanderers begin to amass, living among the burned out facade of a once advanced civilization. All will take part with unwavering efforts as ghosts of the past haunt with harmonious havoc.

Pyura Chilensis is a nostalgic foray uncovering the industrial musical world of the past. The use of spoken word across the percussive continuum, dodging static interference, sounds like a lost SPK recording. This quality can be heard from the start, with the first track titled "Belief System" then branching into decades of mutation. For German Army, this composition is wonderfully restrained, allowing the aural world to unfold in a grandiose epic paced smolder. Well over a half hour, the genetically altered future of tormented souls are let loose from their bindings to time. Pyura Chilensis is pulled from the rhythmic codes deep within our DNA and resonates within our daily routines.

This was released on the Swiss label Luce Sia in an edition of sixty. Copies can be purchased from the label through discogs. The digital version is available from German Army's bandcamp page. From the massive discography, this is one of the first for 2017. I did notice Dub Ditch Picnic has a double cd titled Diaspora of Intolerance by German Army that was just released in March as well.

German Army site - bandcamp
LUCE SIA - facebook - discogs