Quickly Sold Out

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

North Atlantic Drift - Departures, Volume 1

The vastness of the oceans remains unfathomable in the human mind. Distances, depths and density factoring through time. The exploration of man has been both contained and conquered by this space. North Atlantic Drift journeys through this ambient deep. Departures, Volume 1, carves a path into the swirling serenity like an ice breaker through a sea of flat white. The broken trail and ripples of motion are the only sign anything has been there. This trail disappears as forces sallow it again. Releasing the beauty of moments in time is the essence of the duo behind North Atlantic Drift. The experience slowly evaporates leaving the routine of life in the foreground again.

Mike Abercrombie & Brad Deschamps are North Atlantic Drift. Departures, Volume 1 explores the boundless world of sound, gently turning the perfect stone and picking the most beautiful foliage. From the extensive amount of artists and releases before Departures and in front of all that will come, this aural landscape is a lodestar for consciousnesses to be made aware of. The tones permeate the mind with warmth, opening up the porous grey matter, allowing thoughts to breath and take flight. The distances seem infinite, compassionate drone making a journey through space, momentarily pausing for us to hear, then continuing on in infinite motion.

Released in compact disc format on Polar Seas Recordings in a very limited edition of fifty. I would like to say sorry for not getting this one done sooner, maybe in time to read, listen and purchase a copy. You can still listen to Departures, Volume 1 on the bandcamp page, purchase the digital and add this to your discogs want list.

This is North Atlantic Drift's fifth release and all are sold out or close to it. There are two copies of their cd titled Visitor still remaining at Polar Seas Recordings. Everything from this Toronto label is done with the highest degree of care and love.

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