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Friday, April 21, 2017

Plochingen - 266 minuscules récepteurs paraboliques

Bending tones around walls of stone and craggy corners. Over there, out of site, something is happening. The sounds permeate every direction. The question of what creates this sonic puzzle is hanging in your thoughts. There is no need to explore, sight will only confuse the process. This aural landscape breathes as you remain motionless. Not ambient nor drone, more like speech from unseeable entities. The dialogue weighs like a tranquilizer as the mysterious content burrows in your thoughts.

Plochingen has composed a slow cooked mass of pulsating rumbling sounds. Titled 266 minuscules récepteurs paraboliques, this world rest just barley tethered to reality. Sometimes waiting on hold for an overseas call to go through twenty years ago. Then witnessing a terrestrial event transpire fascination and fear. Pulled from complacency to the vastness waiting just beyond. Organic and mechanical mixed like coffee and driving, jacking your thoughts in a protective climate controlled bubble. 266 minuscules récepteurs paraboliques takes on a lot of ground, unconventionally serene transpiring to bewilderingly foreboding.

This is an older release, number seven in the Tanuki Records catalog. Not sure the number of these in print, but they are available at Tanuki's bandcamp page. Plochingen is a good landmark for where the label has come from and simultaneously helps us understand the direction Tanuki Records has taken.

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