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Friday, April 28, 2017

Rhucle - Handmade Ocean

Sounds made by Earth. Infinite in their diversity and length of time they have existed. Water is an element seemingly making the most noise from the smallest amount. Unlike wind, fire and earth, the liquid traversing all mediums is also the most outspoken. Rhucle has focused the sonic microphone on a minute amount, an infinitesimal stir or splash in the vast expanse of distance and depth.

In Handmade Ocean, sustained tones become elongated., sparkling with decibel for a brief moment then disappearing. Like a hand waving through the ocean filled with fluorescent algae. Nothing, then a bright path dissolving to nothing again. Rhucle disentangles these tiny fractions of sound and makes them beautiful. Synthesizer loops unified with the cycle of water, calm and tranquil, with notes beckoning for the mind to wander and wonder.

A little over forty minutes, this composition remains brilliantly consistent. Your mind remains saturated with a world created by Rhucle. Making moments merge, time becomes irrelevant, feelings and emotions are encouraged to surface. Really well done, blending organic and handmade. Listen repeatedly.

Out on Polar Seas recordings in an edition of fifty. Currently available on beautifully crafted compact disc. Polar Seas is making music come alive with artistic excellence.

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