Quickly Sold Out

Friday, April 21, 2017

Senz Beats - Ode to the Ghosted

Senz Beats with an hour plus of seamless grooves. Ode to the Ghosted plays like a collage of nostalgia mixed with advanced rhythm tech. Tracks contorted around each other, sounds like mirrors with images stacked in dense beats. The static and crackle of the stylus riding in the groove adds to the vintage make up. Clips of spoken dialogue help bond transitions from piece to piece. Spanning decades, Ode to the Ghosted brings everything together, fused for the perfect ride.

Based in Montreal, Senz Beats started DJing in 1999 and making beats in 2004. This cassette on Tanuki Records is one of the few physical releases i could find. There is more to hear and download on the Senz Beats bandcamp page. The place to really explore is the Senz Beats site. A great number of videos with DJ Senz working with a multitude of artists.

This cassette was released on Tanuki Records in October of last year. Sold out from Tanuki's bandcamp page, you can possible find a copy on discogs. Currently there is one for sale. Excellent all the way through, no wonder these tapes were all bought up.

Also wanted to mention the artwork was created by Conrad Steen. He has more to see at his site www.conradsteenillustrator.com.

Tanuki Records - bandcamp - facebook
Senz Beats site - bandcamp page