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Friday, April 21, 2017

Yannick Dauby - Magicien Rouch

Lurking just outside my window is a small vortex appearing when the wind and sun momentarily embrace. Lasting for seconds or even fragments of an hour, the shimmering empty space always makes itself heard. Gathering wit and fueled by curiosity, venturing forth to inspect the anomaly at a closer distance. The sounds are strange and familiar, rhythmic and erratic, ancient and new. Pushing ears closer until they are through, Magicien Rouch becomes clear as the body becomes immobile with two parts in different dimensions.

Imagine a field of solar mirrors, all angling back to one focal point. Yannick Dauby seems to have accomplished this with sound collectors. Somehow capturing decaying shortwave radio signals broadcast from long ago. Other input sources are strategically aimed into the temporal field like lazers cutting through time as we understand it. All aural emissions from past, present and future reflecting into the consciousness of Yannick. Processing these sounds for other minds to encounter.
Sometimes sounding like the analog radio dial moving through frequencies like the single roving eye of a futuristic robot. Voices seem to have reversed and continually play backwards as field noises from everyday natural life add some sense of nostalgia. The entire tape is fascinating and only last for about a half hour. Loosing yourself into a world where tempo and pace are dictated by processes yet to be understood.

Released at the end of March on Tanuki Records out of Belgium. This was completed in an edition of eighty and is currently available. Magicien Rouch is an outstanding example of the fragile thresholds of sound Tanuki is collecting and showcasing.

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