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Friday, May 5, 2017

Al Lover - Interference Patterns

A wave from the ambient sea has been traveling in your direction. A tsunami of sonic proportions. Filled with all things making listening to music worthwhile. Al Lover rumbles like a San Fransisco quake, creating a global disturbance. Interference Patterns contains beautifully tortured rhythms, overloaded electric capacitors in need of recapping. The sounds fold into the inner conscious with an effortless ease. Sparse beats keeps Interference Patterns hovering above the ambient wash only dipping in for a refresh of perception.

Over a half an hour, Interference Patterns is plays like am intercontinental modern day zeppelin. Varying from a lofty almost motionless perch to a jet like speed, collecting a mass of sounds from around the globe. Dispersing sonic waves in mind beguiling patterns, finding roots in dub and space age industrial hum, Interference Patterns messes with your thoughts in a good way. The sound is rich and has a fascinating depth, never holding one place for two long. This maintains the alluring magnetism, wondering about origins and future destinations. Al Lover has crafted something special.

In an edition of one hundred and released in February, get ready to purchase this cassette. There are only a handful left from Crash Symbols. Al Lover has a previous release on Crash Symbols titled Sacred Drugs. This one is sold out in cassette form from Crash Symbols but is available on vinyl from Psych Army Intergalactic.

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