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Friday, May 26, 2017

BE; - At The Start

California is on the edge again with sonic ruffians churning the cauldron. This time BE; from Oakland with dial twists, secret feedback pathways, mind rattling percussion, then iced with vocals channeled from other dimensions. An amalgam of sound filling ear canals with dense mercuric noise. Damaging indeed, listen with the decibel governor on, for your own safety.

At The Start is twelve tracks tumbling into the recesses of industrial ornateness. There is no path, only the moment. BE; delivers this instance with emotion backed by skilled partakers. Recorded for others to hear then destroyed because no one should listen unless they were there. One tape escaped and made it to Lost In A Sea Of Sound. I write about the tangled sounds, the fervor of some lost point in time. BE; is searching for this wayward cassette, because it proves they do exist. A recorded glimpse of either a floating dream or nightmare. Cultivated sonic mayhem, transgressions in sound for only the stalwart few. 

Send Tingo Tongo Tapes a note and ask how to get At The Start. Maybe there are no more? This Los Angeles label seems to produce cassettes like seismic activity. Shaking the foundations, rattling ears, never knowing when, how long and where tapes with surface. Listen and purchase when the moment draws breath. 

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