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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Christensen & Chlapek - Unknown Pressures

Two artists painting a canvas from either side. One using an airbrush and the other finely pointed bristles. The canvas becomes fully saturated, colors falling to the ground and forming a new spectacle, different than the one above. Ben Chlapek & Matt Christensen are the musicians joining talents in this new release from Dismal Niche titled Unknown Pressures. Together they balance the sound scales with two forms of sonic splendor.

Close to forty minutes, Unknown Pressures is partitioned into four virtually seamless pieces. Ben's analog synth paints an aural landscape similar to the wide and continuous area of the American southwest. Expansive valleys dotted with buttes and monuments disappearing over the horizon. The warmth of the land juxtaposed with a loneliness created by so much of it. Matt's guitar is like the electric atmosphere circulating through this vista. Providing electric charges mixed with wind and rain. In turn causing the synth to heat or cool, undulating with the change in pressure above. Together these artists and their mediums interact, creating a rich and fluid discourse. Both in harmony throughout the composition, creating a slow burning consummate sonic dimension. This reminded me a little of Mark McGuire & Sam Goldberg some how intertwined with Steve Roach.

Arriving in March of this year, Unknown Pressures is available from the Dismal Niche bandcamp page. The Columbia, Missouri label has started 2017 off with a deft variation in sound. I am sure this year will build upon their solids release selections of the past. 

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