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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Distant Reader - Home Power

Emmerich Anklam is Distant Reader and this is his very personal composition titled Home Power. Seven tracks hiding in the shadows of time and the aplomb of the mind. Pulling apart the guitar playing from the lyrics elicits wonder of the delicate balance they exist in. The words are emotionally fired while the strings vibrate with dreamlike rumbles. Almost ghostly in the shimmering timbre, reminiscent of a lost John Jacob Niles album warped in passing decades. Emmerich's talent is unprocessed and extremely genuine. The minimal effects scattered throughout are only tinsel on the foundation.

From reading the description of these recordings, they were originally crafted back as early as 2008 when Emmerich was twenty one. Distant Reader looked into the past and brought these melodies and words to the surface of 2015. Part of life from a different person in the same space. How we change and wish the confidence coming with age could be handed back through the aging process. Amazingly this is what Emmerich has done. Taking the sparks of youth, emotion, innocence and creativity, pulling them through the distance with the callous strong grip of age and wisdom. New influences and ideas working together with unfeigned youth produce this folk beauty Home Power.

Released in March on Lily Tapes & Discs in an edition of fifty. Copies are available from the labels bandcamp page.


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