Former Selves - The Heart Wants

Former Selves binds ambient stature to the emotional flux of those who listen. Sounds similar to a surgeon's scalpel, making precise and effortless cuts into consciousnesses in need of fortitude and healing. A spiritual swing from celestial threads allowing a universe of energy guidelines for cognitive digestions. Thoughts expand like clouds growing in the heated afternoon evaporation of the atmosphere. Look up from the swing, head tilted back, the slight dizziness only tempered by the beauty above. Feelings swell as the body and mind digest, each planting a foot down to stabilize the soul.

Yes, The Heart Wants is a lengthy composition, a companion for the tiny particles we are in relation to the universe around us. Somehow Former Selves emits a lush drone, adding girth to our paltry understanding and extinguishing the candle of apprehension. These ambient drifts lift heads above the valleys, aural vistas awaiting those who take time to listen. Always maintaining a flow of current, any and all doldrums only words describing other tonal forays. The Heart Wants will have you by the ear, directing feelings and emotions in a beautiful spill, then collecting together as a solitary pool. Subtle inspiration in essential patterns. Only patience can be the Sherpa for this exploration.

Released at the end of April in an edition of one hundred. Geology Records utilized the cassette card stock cover for Lapse adding just the right amount of elegance to this new Former Selves release. Deservedly, since this project has a well formed following and almost all their releases find rest in collections around the world. One hundred seems like a lot, but these will be gone in the near future. So, do not wait too long if you are interested.

Geology Records site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter
Former Selves - bandcamp - facebook


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