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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Free - Celaeno

Guitar warped over the vast distances outside the pull of Earth's gravitational force. From Celaeno, one of the smallest stars of the Seven Sisters cluster, these tones make the journey. A focused trajectory across a lonely expanse, emitting foreign warmth across the infinite expanse. Meditative in nature, Free composes a lengthy systematic record of the space time currents between solar systems. A beautiful mutation of strings, acting as a companion to consciousnesses. Thoughts rest in the medium and are accessible like minds waking from a hibernation state. 

When first listing to Celaeno, thinking this was created from a Fender Stratocaster seemed unrealistic. Instead a Theremin came to mind, with a long bearded guru performing Bushido movements in hypnotizing patterns. This cassette is massive both in length and sustained mesmeric timbre. Free has expertise in channeling sounds from the unknown dimension. An aptitude in hearing beauty and transforming this for others to enjoy. A soundtrack for astral projection at the most leisurely pace imaginable. These words only describe the fringes of the depth.

Released by Free on the new Analog Adrenaline label, available from the bandcamp page. There are two versions, both in super limited quantities. Ten cassettes and six compact discs. I did notice Josh has a few cassettes at Tomentosa Records. So add one to your order if you are making one from Tomentosa. This is the first release for Analog Adrenaline from Eugene, Oregon. Free has an even newer release titled Loopstate in an edition of twenty, also worth listening attention.

Free - bandcamp - soundcloud
Analog Adrenaline - facebook