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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Julia Bloop - Roland Throop

The other side of the street.... Looking over and listening with ears tuned to as much as i can hear. Muddy beats from buildings beaten and weathered in times passage. Crossing the street changes what is heard. Stay put listen and closely, the sounds perfectly deflect and disintegrate from this vantage point. Any closer and a new reality sets in, farther and all is lost in surrounding commotion. Julia Bloop records from a consciousness frayed with wisdom. A place where the ingredients measure out without ever measuring.

Roland Throop is the title of this new cassette on Crash Symbols. Clocking in just under forty five minutes, this composition swirls with samples and loops. Like a mile wide tornado with wind speeds of ten knots. Consuming the landscape at a modest leisurely pace. The process encapsulates your thoughts by allowing you to discern all of the sound details. Many of these are delivered with a faint but substantial groove. A beautiful urban haze seeps through, consisting of vintage aural manifestations. The notion of the desire to understand takes a seat to the allurement of the melodies being created. Solidly consistent from start to finish, with the seductive ability to get lost in the replays.

Released on Crash Symbols in late March, this cassette is in a limited edition of one hundred and is currently available. Everything at Crash Symbols seems to find a home so do not procrastinate on their available releases.

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