Quickly Sold Out


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Katrina Stonehart and The Spookfish

Submersed in the depths of the ocean, the underwater crust breathes out the energy from the mantle. The turbulence controlled by the dense pressure at the ocean floor. Enormous amounts of heat droning out to the even greater volume of water. This is similar to the delicate balance between Katrina Stonehart and The Spookfish. One rhythm or series of sounds exploring the medium of the other. There seems to be no definitive point, only a listener in complete submersion in the world of two artists.

This cassette drones and mutates for just under forty five minutes. Drew Gibson is the creative force of Katrina Stonehart. Dan Goldberg is The Spookfish. This is a composition maintaining a magical consistency over both sides. Playing like one long piece divided by the flip of the cassette. The thick ambient swell of sound carries a bubbling organic component. An electronic field hums and echoes out, like muffled speech transmitted across giant parsecs of space. The listening headroom remains saturated, the consciousness left to contemplate. These sounds push towards the spectrum of imaginable dread, but never reach this lonely plateau. Instead only redlining in a fiery underwater orchestra of impressiveness. A massive forging of sonic complexity, with sparks radiating out from each hammering.

Released in January on Rok Lok Records in an edition of forty. Currently the quantity on Rok Lok's bandcamp page is two. Together Rok Lok Records, The Spookfish and Katrina Stonehart have a lot of music experience surrounding them. Most likely a big reason why this tape is close to being sold out. Definitely do not wait and get one of the remaining copies.

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