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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mark E. Deutsch - Thingy

Excellent lyrics combining with well constructed music produces a cassette that can be played over and over. This is the case for Mark E. Deutsch's release titled Thingy. Eight perfectly cooked singer/songwriter songs with words and melodies your mind will turn and hum. On this composition Mark plays with Chris Stevens on bass and Elias Reitz for percussion & vocals. Together these three musicians make the Moot Trio. 

The first track tacks the map on the wall for Thingy. "In The Desert" lets the listener know the words are there, just need some climatic event, calamity or clearing of thought to make sense of the jumbled fragments. Mark sings, "Plenty of words strewn around me in the desert / like piles of dry wood waiting for the lightning storm". The storm came and from the erosion emerged, "You Are a Rock, pt. 7", the second track on side A. This track fantastically highlights the Moot Trio, similar to a Bossa Nova jazz band for this song, super smooth. Thingy mutates throughout, "(You Are) Not My Thing", sounding like a lost Smog song and even providing an instrumental at the end of side A. Continuing the journey through the flip the second track on side B "By The Time", plays with the upbeat punch of a Halo Benders track. The subsequent tracks turning one eighties and dialing home for the people close around.

Available from Mark's bandcamp page  in an edition of fifty. Released at the end of last year, from Oakland. Worth all the time to listen thoroughly!

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