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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Stars Are Insane - To Be Here

Stars Are Insane touches on the subtle beauty that can easily elude listeners the first time through. With all music, the best sounds are heard when the thoughts of the one who is listening are grabbed by the artists making the music. This could be a violent shake your mind punk storm, a slow and melodic industrial melt away or in the case of To Be Here, a trip into the gorgeous surrounding land. Imagine a Sunday morning drive when traffic is minimum and the sparsity of commotion allows the so often glazed over details to be noticed. This is how To Be Here comes across, when the world settles in, music fills the places we usually hurry by.

With that being said, this is the first time i have listen to Stars Are Insane. Unfortunate because there are eight full length albums before this. To Be Here is a great place to start. A one person project holding the skill and experience to compose sounds in the elusive disposition of fragile elegance. Ten tracks combining lo-fi pop acuity with the fine suspended particles of warbling drone. There are plenty of well cooked tracks on this cassette. Depending upon the mood you are in, they are on the rotisserie as favorites. The second to last track, "The Winter Will Be Long and The Nights Will Be Cold" forms a single substance from how To Be Here spills out. Really listen and Stars Are Insane will become more focused as your thoughts drift and loose focus.

Released on the East Northport, New York label Rok Lok Records in an edition of forty. Copies are available. Plenty more Stars Are Insane releases on the bands bandcamp page. Rok Lok has some even newer stuff worth checking out on their site

Rok Lok Records site - bandcamp - facebook
Stars Are Insane - bandcamp - facebook