Quickly Sold Out

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Tulketh - General Waste

The fifty copies of this cassette dispersed into collections like water on dry earth evaporating in full sunlight. Stretching in infinite directions are the all consuming beats of Tulketh. Ripples in the sand, each grain tumbling in ever changing positions, joined in unison with billions of counterparts. In a collective harmony, this energetic process creates rhythm. Tulketh takes the organic vibration and amplifies it, like a glass blower using tools and heat, General Waste captures hidden groove existing in every aspect of life.

Recorded live.... General Waste is about forty five minutes over eight tracks. There are some words that will possibly attach a genre to this, but i am not going to use them. Instead, think of atoms bound together. Electrons orbiting the nucleus and with each rotation a beat is made. Like water molecules closely connected with each other, every molecule is making sound. The entire body breathes rhythm. This is the sound of Tulketh, tied into the microcosm of the world around us. Showcasing the fluidity in what normally is perceived as inanimate.

This composition is rooted in a world of endless nights. The driving forces behind people in automatic motions. Doing rather than thinking, on course for daylights dismissal of shadows. An almost robotic ride, and at the same time enlightened with a human element. Stephen James Buckley is the consciousness making Tulketh. Listen closely as his thoughts traverse the beats.

Out on Still Heat Recordings in February. This was released in an edition of fifty and has been sold out for a good while now. Keep your ears perched for future Still Heat Recordings, General Waste was their ninth release and every release is sold out.


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