Quickly Sold Out


Friday, June 30, 2017

BBJR - Decelebrate

Bob Bucko Junior is like a sound farmer. Planting seeds across multiple labels and delivering a plethora of musical styles and variations. On Decelebrate, the mission is clearly cultivation on external planets. Air and gravity and different mixtures, producing both sinuous and beautiful specimens of sound.

Seven tracks energized by BBJR radiation. Amazingly slow and patient developmental growth. The beats coarse with speeds of reptilian vascular systems. Each track sprouting new foliage and transforming into advanced life. Bob Bucko JR uses voice throughout, a mesmerizing tone and timber developed for organic stimulus.

Have you ever seen the eighties movie Flash Gordon? For a few seconds when Decelebrate kicks in, the soundtrack came to mind. BBJR channeling Queen in some metamorphed equation! Some of the effects are similar...

This is an interesting composition by BBJR. Some how orbiting in the distant reaches of pop. Shorter tracks maintaining a congruent flow through the entirety of the tape. If you have not taken root with Bob Bucko JR before, this is a superb place to begin.

Quantifying the solid build of Decelebrate is the fact of being on Already Dead Tapes and Records. In an edition of sixty and now down to only two remaining as this is written. Be quick cause these are on the way out.

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