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Friday, June 2, 2017

Caramel Ship - Marjoram

Marjoram is here with health benefits you should understand. Eleven tracks crafted with therapeutic relief for the monotony of the long summer days. Robust flavoring of sounds flowering out from the pop center. Dipping into the groove then hovering above, Caramel Ship flirts with multiple genres and avoids being pinned down.

Desmond C. Simmons and Yuki Shindo are the creative minds making up Carmel Ship. This helps explain the worldly diversity that infiltrates these sounds. Spanning from  Detroit to the out skirts of Tokyo, the artists influences are subtly entwined. One of my favorites, "Disco for Robots" exemplifies both sides of the globe, portrayed with excitement and a flare for fun. There are a few tracks, "Dear Mimi", "Modern Take" and "Sea Foam Holiday", diving into the late night, tranquilizers radiating in harmony with street lights in transit. The eighth track "A Guessing Game" even touches on hip hop before mutating into it's own style.

Looks like this cassette is not on a label and was released in February by Desmond and Yuki.  Includes cool stuff like a comic and stickers. Much love and consideration went into the presentation Marjoram. The sounds within reflect this as well.

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