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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cop Funeral – Part Time Pay / Paid Vacation

An intense call for all the drone heads out there to wake up, nappy time is over. Cop Funeral funnels red lining hypertensive industrial fluids through the consciousness. Sound waves forced through mental membranes with expertly guided creativity. The body's resting equilibrium punched aside as these new rhythms travel against the gradient.

Part Time Pay / Paid Vacation is the third proper release by Cop Funeral. This composition cycles through violent upheavals and placid static wash. Divided by the flip of the tape this Cop Funeral release is two EPs.

The first side, Part Time Pay is a staggeringly high mountain range of sound. The crossing is beautiful and extremely rugged at times. Altitudes beyond the troposphere, where the sound of space can be heard. The beauty exposed as the listener chooses the path more than once.

On the reverse, Paid Vacation grounds the foray. Moving under the crust of the Earth, where densities and temperatures vary. A vibrantly constructed decent, tones escaping through cramped molecules. Electric, industrial and rooted to the consciousness by some unknown organic medium. More introspective than Part Time Pay, patient in it's reveal.

Released just recently 1980 Records. Not sure how many, but am positive this cassette will test speaker thresholds. A little while back posted another description for 2 STRESSED 2B BLESSED by Cop Funeral. This is on Already Dead Tapes & Records and is available as well.