Quickly Sold Out


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Dane Rousay - blip

How to describe a composition made almost entirely of percussive sounds? Something for music scholars or expert drummers maybe? Dane Rousay emerges from another dimension and leaves the door open. Billowing through come rhythms disguised as physic chaos. Tranquility disturbed, transformed into an organic pulsating spectrum of a tumbling consciousness.

Blip is eight vignettes just under thirty minutes. The pace or tempo throughout the entire composition maintains a fairly wholesome steadiness. A quality much appreciated since this free form expose' needs a solid binding agent. Raw and undefined push at the ears straight away, but once these beats and blips coagulate together the skilled talent becomes more understood. Dane seems to have the slightest native sprinkle of Gamelan influence, maybe attributed to the organic foundations or choice of varying agents of metal and glass. Some sounds bounce along in rhythmic dance while others are dragged through and over the aural landscape. Blip is many sound samples from a mind with high vibrations resting outside of the body. Listeners will need "clear" minds in order to absorb the depth of blip.

Released in April of this year. The first batch sold out quickly. There is a second pressing of fifty and these are available from Dane's bandcamp page. Another connection is with Already Dead Records & Tapes. Dane plays percussion and electronics for The Freebiez, who have a brand new split cassette with More Eaze on Already Dead. This is still in the pre-order stage.

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