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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Husk - s/t

The process of describing music rests in an inverse relationship with how much love and talent went in to creating it. Discovering a composition like Husk by Wesley Powell, throws the brakes on any quick and tidy summary. There is so much ground covered on these eleven tracks totaling over forty minutes. Every song is it's own little world, varying approaches with angular guitar winds made even more complex by from the center passionate lyrics.

The entire cassette erupts with a vintage equatorial sound. The deep resonating drum lines danced upon by precise and playful strings. Revolving romantic lyrics filled with happiness and turmoil. Seemingly played beneath twinkling lights hanging from gently moving palms. Wesley captures or channels music from changing times. Vanguard styles lost in the sea, floating to and above the surface with Husk adding buoyancy. Could be the guitar and amp set up Wesley uses, has the retro coolness to it. The "Bye Bye Love" cover is superb and a superlative connection in the contiguous sound of the composition. The first two tracks, "Wicked Mantras" and "Not Yours, Not Mine" reminded me of a little of an album i grew up with by the Bongos titled Drums Along the Hudson. Here is a sample to compare. There are plenty of differences, but the effortless and laid back musical flow of both Husk and Drums Along the Hudson are very similar. The third track "Amnesia" has a tasty Velvet Underground vibration to it. More tracks resonate with an almost English Beat rhythm to them and call to mind another album from my past. The eight track "Quiet", is a sound glimpse revealing Wesley's drone chops. From pressing play, then every flip, Husk has a great sound overall and is worth every chance to listen.

Available from the Husk bandcamp page. This was released on Curly Cassettes at the end of last year.

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