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Friday, June 2, 2017

Matthew Squires - Tambaleo

Matthew Squires is a musician you want to pin down but have difficulty in doing so. The instrumentation combined with lyrics and voice make me end up thinking of musicians mostly with a country tilt. Maybe this is a correct path since Matthew hails from Austin, Texas, but there really is no country sound in Tambaleo, possibly a southwest tinge. Articulation spanning the distance with subtle complexity, thoughts and stories mixed with adept musical composition. This might be a long reaching comparison, but Matthew has an impressive capability much like the late John Hartford, take a listen. Amazing ability to create unique music then combine it with outstanding lyrics sung even more distinctive. Now you are thinking Matthew and John do not sound similar at all, and rest in completely different genres, but that is not the gist. The thought is; Song writing, playing music and singing are all different talents. When you encounter artists who can do it all, there is something special. So sure, i could have come up with a more modern comparison, but John Hartford is incredible and Matthew Squires has like talents. 

Tambaleo is a mighty composition, over three quarters of an hour and fifteen tracks. The guitar playing is perfectly balanced with the vocals. Tempo varies with the way life is described. There are some pop moments, but the overall multiplex of influences delivered, push Tambaleo beyond any words in some sub pop category. So because i said it, here is a more modern comparison of talented individuals.... Listen to the tenth track on Tambaleo "Dead or Dying" then listen to this. That was a surprise and again, completely different genres. Matthew has composed music with a wise heart. Give this a good listen and be whelmed.

Released in January on Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of two hundred and fifty. Currently available.... And also in a bundled package of an earlier Matthew Squires / Already Dead Tapes and Records release titled "Where the Music Goes to Die".

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