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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Mu Vonz / More Eaze - Split 7"

Mu Vonz and More Eaze on a colored seven inch split from Already Dead Tapes and Records. Six different versions (colors) in increasing limited quantities. Psychedelically sweet artwork by Curtis Tinsle. Music cast out and dispersed in the asteroid belt. Timeless and infinitely unclassified, both Mu Vonz and More Eaze await exploration. Rotating rhythms, heated and cooled in an orchestrated dance around your mind's threshold.

"Hypnotize" is the title of the Mu Vonz side. A sing song narration crisscrossing an ethereal dubbed out dancing drizzle. Early morning, before the sun rise, soothing grooves crafted for spirits in between sleep and awake. The click click outside your ear traveling to make your toes tap.  

"Binaries" rest on the flip side and is the contribution by More Eaze. Sounds floating in the space making up the nothingness that surrounds us. Multiple directions collecting surrounding harmonies and bringing all into focus. "Binaries" is ancient and futuristic, classical and pop, grounded and aloft, all in simultaneous delivery.

These descriptive words hopefully will perk your interest, creating the moment you listen to this split. Both artists rest outside the world of music as most know it. Released in mid April, get this from Already Dead Tapes and Records.

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