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Monday, June 5, 2017

Stag Hare - Starlights Gloom

Starlights Gloom explores the pulsating fields of the spirits existence across both known and undiscovered dimensions. A pinpoint in time spiraling out through the twisting vortex. Drone like rhythms drizzled with ethereal vocals, creating the nebulous enlightenment of what we know is Stag Hare. This composition cuts the tethers and moves in one direction, focusing less on the organic roots and more on cosmic reaches.

There are many connections Starlights Gloom has with earlier Stag Hare releases. Long sustained beats with swirling tones, creating the density to hold the soft dreamlike whispering vocals. On the release, The Djorna Trilogy, Stag Hare had divided sounds into three eras. Starlights Gloom is definitely the polished gem stone of the third era. Tempos are faster and tracks are just a little shorter. The website description says "Starlights Gloom is made up of primarily sampled material from throughout the Stag Hare catalog". These tracks show the change in an artists life, from happiness or turmoil, neophyte to well experienced, what we all enjoy or appreciate changes. How we accept changes in another persons life revolving around their artistic approach is difficult. We all move through time at alternate rates. Maybe the artists gets there before the listener or the listener tires of music that never progresses. Starlights Gloom has arrived before me. I am happy to follow and catch up. Stag Hare has always and continually pushed my listening enjoyment down new paths and this composition guides as well.

Released on Inner Islands at the end of May. In a limited edition of one hundred on delicate indigo paper with silver ink. From reading, this looks like the last release for Stag Hare. A ten year project many have loved to follow. This one will be gone quickly, so do not hesitate.

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