Colin Andrew Sheffield & James Eck Rippie - Polarities

Somewhere in the cathartic flow of drone is a seam. A stitch in the fabric of sounds connected to make one continuous outpouring. As the music we hear wears into our lives, this comforting shell of harmony begins to deteriorate and expose its impermanent nature. Just like water seeping through, our cold air finding route, Polarities tears at the waning ambient fortitude. Trickling through the gap with dimensional cacophony, then filling all minds with an alternative and unknown beauty.

Colin Andrew Sheffield & James Eck Rippie have combined talents again. These artists engaged efforts after a long hiatus with two cassettes released on Elevator Bath in January and June of this year. Titled Essential Anatomies, both cassettes were described here on Lost in a Sea of Sound. These cassettes have since sold out from the label's inventory, but have been reinstalled on a beautiful double lp release by Elevator Bath. The vinyl is available!

There are many similarities between Polarities and Essential Anatomies. Some could even describe Polarities as a continuation of the Elevator Bath releases. The difference lies in the subtle quality of the Polarities cassette. Sounds seeping through the crevasses of our regimented routines, connecting thoughts to the vast distances these notes have traveled from. Exposing like a focused magistrate the conduction of orchestral dichotomy. As once Essential Anatomies tilted towards the grandiose, a symphony in scope and spectrum,  Polarities plays the role of a long sonatina. A concise mood or feeling exposed through the vacancy of molecules holding worlds together.

Released on the Belgium label Tanuki Records near the start of summer. Polarities is in an edition of one hundred with copies currently available. Tanuki has two new July releases deserving a listen as well.

Tanuki Records - bandcamp - facebook
Elevator Bath site bandcamp - facebook

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