Dotson - Indifference

Electric static forms a sphere with slow increasing rotation. The power heard and articulated like an engine firing after multiple tries. Consciousness, talent and experience combining to spark potential horsepower into creative speed. As these tracks form and start to purr, the listener is rewarded with the positive sounds of grooved out contrasting dimensions combining.

Dotson pushes the imaginative thresholds of rhythm and scope. When first listening to Indifference, thinking futuristic dub tied in with the first track "Reification". This became a narrow minded assessment as the following tracks unfolded. Indifference is a meteor storm of debris, chaotic in approach as these sounds burn through the atmosphere. Larger clusters of melodies exploding with a choreographed assault. There is a deep underlying current of a tightly woven electronic notes, being pummeled by beats high above. Dotson utilizes the world as the recording canvass. Hints of influence from Gamelan and Japanese resonance flicker with a Motown smoothness of groove. A slightly haunting feeling follows though the course of Indifference. This obviously rest with an creative imagination foreign to the path most take.

Released this year on Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of one hundred. This is the third release for Dotson on Already Dead.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Dotson - bandcamp - facebook

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