KP & ME - Sex Cells

The bass player for KP & ME is a freakin' bad ass. In perfect timing with the driving percussion, anything could be played with this and it would sound incredible. Fortunately the dueling vocals and the subtle effects choices make Sex Cells explode with unprotected delight.

A full throttle ride over ten songs in twenty minutes. Mostly one word song titles like "Hamster", "Candy" and "Olive". Disguising the crafty imagination behind simple play bills. Starting with a dizzying bass and drum groove, fast like punk, but more reminiscent of unfiltered early eighties new wave. Filled with raw and unprocessed head nodding rhythms played at red lining decibels.

Sex Cells is an excellent tape, but seeing KP & ME live might be the best treat. With fluid diversity to go acoustic on the song "Johnny" using only vocals and banjo, KP & ME live in the world of experience and talent. For as forceful as Sex Cells comes across, the sounds have a reserved grandeur. As if they have cured and aged over time. I was reminded of the band The Membranes, eighties roots, skilled and controlled skewed punk fun. KP & ME is refreshing like that.

Sex Cells was released at the end of last year on Crush Grove Records and Sound Workshop. KP & ME are from Bloomington, Indiana and have tapes available on their band camp page.

KP & ME - bandcamp - facebook
Crush Grove Records - bandcamp

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