Miserable Kids Club - Turn That Smile Side​-​Up Down

Not sure how to describe Miserable Kids Club? The best place to start is realizing many people have emotions and feelings that need to be conveyed. There are a variety of methods inner expressions can take to formulate outside the spirit, and in this instance music is the chosen venue. Exuberance is like the elusive dog you want to pet. There with a panting smile but wary of contact. Unlike joyfulness, turmoil is sharp and pierces through social constructs with direct ease. Unhappy or painful energy rises and saturates the core. This is Miserable Kids Club, providing sentiment from both sides of the scale. You can experience this fervour on the cassette Turn That Smile Side​-​Up Down.

Simple rhythms overlaid with spoken word stories. These erupt occasionally to raw outbursts of hurt. Speech fluctuating to song at times, and a few vocals resembling a loose rap style. There is a lot here to digest. Fourteen songs just under one half hour. The general mood, contempt and disdain for life. But beneath this, in order for passion to surface, pumps a heart full of love. Battered and beating loudly, strongly and gaining musical momentum. Imagination and creativity are not stiffed by either well being or sorrow. Only transformed to reflect what the heart wants to say.

Self released from Australia by Miserable Kids Club in an edition of ten cassettes. Five copies remaining according to the bandcamp ticker.

Miserable Kids Club - facebook - bandcamp

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