Tölva - Manudaga

Sound traveling through space, infinite amounts of time across vast distances. On this journey, a single rhythm or binary series of code begins to evolve. A solo note like a single cell organism changing and mutating. Casting off what does not help progress and focusing in on the complexities of survival. Manudaga  has arrived at the planets atmospheric periphery. Theses intricate tracks benefiting from undisturbed evolution. Just like Earth's inhabitants possible beginning, the far reaches of space delivering a new alien nostalgia.

With the help of BLIGHT. Records, Tölva has created ten tracks exploring electronic grooves and emitting the warmest glow. These sounds have roots in all consuming bass, shooting forth wild growth and reaching for absorbing consciousnesses. Manudaga plays like a soundtrack, imaginations turning, generating images and scenarios steeped in solid rhythms and sparkling structure.There is a delightfully obscure quality as each track engages, elongating then finding position in the currents smooth flow. Sound wavelengths transformed, a metamorphosis through empty space, finally reaching their distant counterparts. Manudaga is one to keep in the tape player. 

This cassette was released earlier this year in an edition of sixty. Pro dubbed by National Audio Company and brought to the surface by the Washington D.C. label BLIGHT. Records. Copies are currently available as well as a few newer releases from the label.

BLIGHT. Records - bandcamp - facebook

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