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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Midwife - Like Author, Like Daughter

Fuzzed and seared guitar becoming something in between. Folk or pop, ambient haze dipping and droning, somehow these melodies sound familiar, yet distant. Whispery haunted vocals move through Like Author, Like Daughter, resembling clouds seen billowing below mountain perches. These were happy songs, gathering dust from never being played for such long time. Now they burn through the decay of time, emitting gentle beauty as the notes slice through nostalgic residue.

Midwife is Madeline Johnston who also composes as Sister Grotto. Her newest lp Like Author, Like Daughter floats like a bird flying into a head wind. It seems impossible not to be blown back, evolution has many mysteries. Midwife cruises through a volatile medium, distorted guitar combined with disintegrating vocals all played in a sleep state cadence. Together these attributes create the soft roar of dense air. Molecules moving in the opposite direction, pushing against the focus of Madeline Johnston's sound. With skill, experience and creativity, Like Author, Like Daughter hovers with it's own fantastic mystery. Consciousnesses become transfixed as each track seemingly remains motionless. Delicate and delightful harmony woven with words torn from silk strands. A composition connecting beginning and end blurring moments into one emotion. Unnoticed beauty having sounds for unfurling and floating through new thoughts. Like Author, Like Daughter is special.

There is a lot of talent in the construct of Like Author, Like Daughter. Madeline Johnston worked with Tucker Theodore who also performed, recorded and co-produced this work. Multiple recording venues then mastered in another space. Landing at White Sepulchre Records for a beautiful vinyl presentation. The label took so much care with this as with the their preceding releases. There is an option to purchase a split cassette with the lp as well. The tape includes Planning for Burial on one side split with Sister Grotto and tucker Theodore on the other. Looks like this is only available as an addition when purchasing the vinyl. The big note to note is how limited both vinyl and cassette are, only one hundred. Much commotion from bandcamp page so do not wait on this.

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