Quickly Sold Out


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

ylayali - yy

Decades back when music seemed to stagnate, pop sounds tangled with needed creativity. Somberness or seriousness worked in on the edges, destroying the world of catchy jingles and sing along lyrics. Production began to rely upon mindful individuals not cookie cutter labels. True emotion seeped to the top, making music a statement of fantastic thoughts. Ylayali has delivered temporal piercing configuration, finding roots in the past and growing far into the future.

YY is eight homespun highly precise tracks. Fran Lyons is the creative force behind everything we hear and see. I would assume Fran's witty humor penned the craigslist post accompanying this as the description of this cassette. Ylayali approaches the sound spectrum in the most casual manner. Songs unfold with depth and complexity using varying arrays of sonic turbulence. Introspective to the point of wondering how difficult this was to publish. YY takes feelings and artistic style, laying all out for the world to hear. This is what makes uniquely excellent music, but at the same time must be a huge wall to traverse. Listen and be subdued into the underground currents of Ylayali.

This cassette was released in an edition of fifty in July of this year. Lily Tapes & Discs from Rochester, New York has copies of yy available. Fran had a previous split on Lily Tapes & Discs with Lung Cycles titled the same ylayali / lung cycles. This cassette is a couple of years old and is sold out. 

Lily Tapes & Discs site  - bandcamp - facebook