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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Back From Hurricane Irma

Lost In A Sea Of Sound is a one person project. Headquarters are at the end of a dirt road. During Hurricane Irma, a big pine branch fell on the transformer supplying the end houses on the road. Since the fix would only restore power to a few homes, priority was on the lower side. The communication from the power company to the excellent linemen who traveled here to help was dismal. Ten days of heat and humidity... then a new transformer was installed. After the awesome line crew from North Louisiana fixed the power, the cable company required four more days to get an internet connection established.

Back up now. Have some descriptions of music done. Just need to get those typed in. For anyone that emailed me, i will get to those as well. Thanks for being patient.

Keeping this in perspective... no where near as bad as places in Texas, South Florida and of course Puerto Rico and the eastern Caribbean.