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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Boron/Argon - Mirages

Surrounding all of us are chemical elements, in plain view or unseen until civilization's hands cultivate their use. Boron and Argon take sound shape here on this Tymbal Tapes release titled Mirages. Dan Nelson has taken both of these periodic table project names and delivered a most astounding sonic montage. From deep within the Earth's crust or in the atmosphere abundantly above, sounds gently and perfectly collide at mass consciousness level.

Mirages is an "almost" blank canvas for the mind. Each track neither black or white and always sparsely populated with broken lines or faint intricate patterns. As the aural landscape unfolds, each listener's imagination most willingly engages. Filling the vistas with thoughts provoked by the spirits connection with the tonal array. Lengthy journeys, changed in direction by seemingly short interludes, constitute the framework of Mirages. Like a court jester on a far away planet, Boron/Argon's goal is for amusement and wonder, but is never silly or frivolous. Delicacy stepping back and with the wave of a hat, ushering in it's droning and pulsating counterpart. Boron and Argon each taking stage, heavy vibrations disrupting an ethereal vacuum. Both assimilating into a new and undiscovered compound.

Released in May of this year on Tymbal Tapes in an edition of seventy five. Boron/Argon was part of the four cassette bundle in available in July. Every release on this labels sell out quickly, but fortunately Mirages is still available from the label's bandcamp page. Unfortunately the July bundle is not. Good news.... The Tymbal Tape recorders are heated up this year. A three cassette bundle just came out in September and is currently available. And.... A mid October batch is scheduled as well.

To solidify how good this tape is, read Ryan Masteller's write up on Tabs Out.  

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