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Friday, September 1, 2017

Channelers - Faces of Love

Settle in for the dense drone offering of Channelers. This is the fourth time Lost In A Sea Sound has described a Channelers composition. All four releases brought to our ears by the Inner Islands label. Faces of Love, the newest composition, is two side long tracks approaching forty minutes in length. The sounds connect meditative emptiness with tangible properties. A tempo like restful breathing, droning notes rising and falling. Moving across the surface tension of sound, notes glide then stop like Nepomorpha dancing on a cohesive force.

Faces of Love builds only so much throughout its unfolding. An intentional component in it's composing, since this is more a rich medium for the listener. Thoughts are gently coerced to expand like cumulus cloud edges building as they move through the atmosphere. The first side "Always Been", has the sustained opening of an Indian morning raga. There is classic timber to the instruments used, connecting decades of spiritual focus. The second side "Pressure Sigh", maintains strength and finding a new clarity. More modern in resonance, taking the listener back to Eno's subtle "Music fo Airports". Each side balances the other making Faces of Love two very distinct pleasures to enjoy.

Released in late July on Inner Islands in an edition of seventy five. This is music by Sean Conrad and art by Rosa Beach-Mason. Channelers is heavy substance simultaneously sounding so ethereal. This combination appeals to many, all Channeler's earlier releases on Inner Islands are sold out. Please do not miss out on Faces of Love, it could be the best one so far.

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