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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Desert Center - You, Unfamiliar

A small snowball begins tumbling down the mountainside. Rhythmic in motion, natural revolutions forced by gravity and molecular adhesion. Trees in the path disrupt this iconic picture, but only for a brief moment. Emerging again, intact and dancing down the slope. The cadence interrupted as the sphere takes flight, plunging from cliff side outcroppings. Drums beat in some majestic tribute, like the moment a ski jumper leaves earth. Almost quiet, the atmosphere the only friction, this journey is now in ambient fluidity. The peril of approaching density, earth and it's spawn connecting again, eventually dissolving like all existence.

Desert Center is a sonic heavy, filled with deep rumbling tones and introspective radiance. C.J. Boyd and John Horner both playing an assortment of bass and drums. You, Unfamiliar is two side long compositions totaling close to forty five minutes. Both sides run the complete course, beautiful gaits that crash to the ground, then slowly recovering in a dreamy daze. Extremely patient and controlled use of percussion and strings. Beautiful fluidity that never crest above the desired markers. Near the end of the second side titled "Rattletrap", the crescendo is subdued by a final flurry of bass and drums. You, Unfamiliar adheres to it's title, avoiding any real classifications, emerging on fresh ground.

C.J. Boyd and John Horner were recorded by Aaron Oppenheim and mastered by Andrew Weathers. Much love and experience going into entire process. The final product released on the Personal Archives label in the spring of 2017 in an edition of one hundred. Copies are available from the labels bandcamp page. Really listen to this, skimming just won't do.

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