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Friday, September 29, 2017

DJ DJ Tanner- ICE AT 1991

Eroded sounds from the past. Time has scorched these wavelengths. What was once tunes that stirred the world, now only amalgamated skeletons. As all things decompose exposing a new glorious beauty. More subtle than before, listening from a vantage point far away rather than at the moment of creation. With decades of mutations in creativity and style, these classics bubble to the surface, only to loose momentary viscosity, fizzling into the coils of Chronos once again.

 DJ DJ Tanner has composed two side long collages of warbeled expressions from past generations. The mix is stirred slowly, sometimes sounding like the vibrancy of the past is slowly coming to a stop. The most skilled mashing of old and new is where DJ DJ Tanner tremendously excels. Taking rhythms and seamlessly braiding long strands of sonic delight.  ICE AT 1991 flows smooth, holding past and present like marionettes swaying in perfect harmony. There are moments of nostalgia lapping the edge of future articulations. Excellent from start to finish.

ICE AT 1991 was released earlier this year and is currently available from the Personal Archives bandcamp site. DJ DJ Tanner has a more recent cassette release on Warm Gospel Tapes titled GOON. And brand new on 5CM Recordings a split with DJ DJ Tanner and Ross Wallace Chait. Be sure to check these out as well. Nothing will last! 

Personal Archives site -  bandcamp
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