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Friday, September 1, 2017


ZOD1AC running sounds through a medium of sticky honey. Slowly flowing together, beats and ambient serenity blurring definitions. The overall vibe is uplifting, tones balanced for consciousnesses to drift and severe tethers from monotonous motions. Grooves bobbing in the swells of a droning sea. ZOD1AC has a mastery of beat patience and delivers perfect proportions.

THE ZOD1AC TAPES VOLUME 1 runs course just under a half hour, composed of sixteen tracks. A well constructed variation of short vignettes and longer endeavors. ZOD1AC takes a vibrant world of beats and expertly filters out the chatter. The sounds seem to emanate from a dense molecular environment. Like hip hop whale songs, this collection is a modern lullaby in an unexplored world.

Joe Maas is the creative force behind ZOD1AC. He also has projects under Zander One. I read on a recent facebook post from Joe he is a contributor to the newly formed music venue, Joyful Union Cassette Blog. Welcome to describing sounds with words! Here is a really good post by Tommy Faith from the Australian music blog Sound Doctrine. Some thoughts on blogs with words describing sounds vs. the trend towards the music podcast style.

Circling back to the label behind THE ZOD1AC TAPES VOLUME 1, Bonding Tapes. This is their nineteenth release in just under three years. The label consistently explores the undercurrents of creativity. Focusing in specific sounds, bringing them forth with care and love. ZOD1AC has a really beautiful cassette here, don't miss out.

Bonding Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
ZOD1AC - facebook - soundcloud