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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

African Ghost Valley / Atterrissage - D500 / Aslant Movements

Landing at the Never Anything label headquarters is a mysterious split tape by two projects that start with the letter A, African Ghost Valley and Atterrissage. Within these spools the spectrum of sound swings from an apocalyptic industrial landscape to peacefully dusted remnants of a past civilization.

The first side by African Ghost Valley titled D500, turns the probing beam on your consciousness. Focused sonic energy mind warping your thoughts. Only to be replaced by flickering dimensional beats lost in some alien rebirth. The teetering question, what constitutes aural beauty and within this harmonious barrage, can eminent peril be a magnificent event? African Ghost Valley targets subjects like a listening motion sensor, safe passage or destruction, testing constitutional thresholds. Excellent for all who have made the journey.

On the flip, Atterrissage's Aslant Movements holds the key card for this dimensional deep dive. Mesmerizing  sonic shifts creating a multitude of vignettes seamlessly flowing together. Like a walk through a fantastic landscape, Atterrissage paces with you, conveying impressive harmonies for every topographical feature. From gentle piano to rhythmic beats, stirred with both synthesizer and guitar, these sounds have a charming subdued beauty. Constantly changing and continuously contiguous, a parallax in sound.

This begins an excellent return to Never Anything Records for Lost in a Sea of Sound. As a music listener, wanting both warmth and creative pinnacles, this split tape plays like magic. Be sure to not let this double "A" cassette disappear before securing a copy.

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