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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Arian Robinson - An Eternal Sleep

This is dark. Haunting sounds welling up from the depths of eternity. Industrial blackness mixed with slowly formed shrill cries from beyond dimensions. A droning machine methodically surging in one direction, in it's wake tortured souls leaving one more bellowing cry of agony. Is there hope hidden within this sonic bleakness? To continually move in the direction of trying to understand sound compositions, An Eternal Sleep must be heard. Beauty is only learned from those traveling before us. As future consciousness expands, what seems impenetrable now, will sparkle with flickering light and the shadows it creates.      

An Eternal Sleep was created by Arian Robinson. From his bandcamp page, Arian resides in Lübeck, Germany. This was the site for one of the biggest naval disasters in history. Royal Air Force bombers sank three ships in the Bay of Lübeck in May of 1945. Unknown to the RAF, these ships were filled with concentration camp inmates. In estimates, 7000 lives were extinguished. Thousands of innocent casualties in An Eternal Sleep. Thinking about this event and were Arian Robison resides, brings the fabric of synchronicity to mind. With out any question, An Eternal Sleep could have been composed without any direct thought or connection to this moment in history. And in writing this, the lines drawn are completely my own thoughts. These sounds though.... there is a sincere feeling within this release. A very difficult plateau to reach. Arian could have easily under or overshot this, evoking no emotion at all or violently shaking the listeners until they loose affinity. These sounds are in perfect balance and truly filter through the layers of thought we all live with. Now wondering how minds channel their emotions into music, what compels them and where the energy source lies.

This was released over the summer on the eremitic cassette label from New York city Ephem-Aural. Not sure how many copies were made, but they are currently available. This has no direct correlation with October 31st. Just synchronicity.  

Ephem-Aural - bandcamp - facebook
Arian Robinson - bandcamp