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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bill Tucker – Balaboste

Focus, patience, talent and experience combine to make this somber guitar composition by Bill Tucker. Strings tuned reminiscent of the great acoustic guitar legends but have a more modern affiliation with comparisons like Amps for Christ and Flipper. Sounds that have rested in place forever, tucked away in times alcove. Pulled from dormancy and played at odds with the spectrum of cacophony the world currently embellishes.

Balaboste is a beautiful obtuse angle. Guitar notes climbing and weaving like vines along century old brick walls. Rooted and pot bound in a timeless genre, Bill Tucker cracks the terracotta and shows how guitar can be something totally new. These notes are weeds, growing from small cracks and crevices. Some may be offset by the intrusion into the the sacred clean spaces current music claims. Listen close, this stream of consciousness connecting old worlds with new, is a spark in the dusty emptiness. The resonance of Bill Tucker's picking plays in our current phase of existence conveying how delightful alterations can be.

Released on 1980 Records this summer. Not sure how many were made. Spiral was released at the same time and is a great companion to Balaboste. Both holding the guitar as ground but completely different in sonic flavor. 


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