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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bill Tucker – Spiral

Sirens sounding for consciousnesses awakening. Like rain on slanted glass, directions change. Notes gently fall in a drone like sowing of seeds, the path appears, uplifted and slightly above the cathartic din. Bill Tucker makes spirits stretch between tranquility and acute awareness.

Spiral works very well as the title of this cassette. Four tracks arriving just under one half hour. A trance like quality, rhythmic stings played patiently over long time spans. Giving way to an almost willow wisp guide on the second track "You're A Good Person".  A pattern that seems hauntingly familiar and hearkens to a Tuulum Shimmering recording. This mutates and changes on the second side of this tape. "A Sound, A Carstic Form", approaches the periphery of the spiral and sound begin to scatter. Decaying industrial influence for processes no longer remembered. The last track, "I Am A Spiral", returns to the origins of the beginning. Only this time foregoing the longer build up as distorted acoustic guitar plays through a storm of circuitry wash.

Released on 1980 Records in an edition of unknown quantity. Bill Tucker shows a wide spectrum of talent on Spiral. With polar influences on either side, this composition covers the murky middle ground in very appealing fashion.


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