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Friday, October 27, 2017

Black Unicorn - Unmanifest Architecture

Stop Black Unicorn! Your up link is overriding my internal programming. The sequencing is too fast and viciously complicated. There is no rest for the nearly half hour long barrage of superior circuitry or as you call it Unmanifest Architecture.

Can words describe the sound of an overloaded capacitor? The mutation of harmony into hissing static, then white noise. Black Unicorn is some hybrid language of generations of lost sputniks and satellites. A world where radar and sonar combine and dance to the bleeping rhythms. A place we can only pretend to comprehend and are just relegated to hopefully appreciate. As with all things the hyper cross talk begins to wain. Energy slows to only be accumulated again. Radiated molecules facing a new absence of direct paths. Unmanifest Architecture is a saga of electronic beauty. Chaos blowing itself up then the settling dust has a turn for it's infusion. Black Unicorn sprouts again revealing the cyclic nature of all things, An introspective listen into a world non have traveled in.

Music for a type III civilization on the Kardashev Scale. We need to get Freeman Dyson's address in the UK and send him a copy of this tape.

Released on Never Anything Records in an edition of fifty.  Currently available and a definite sonic gem.

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