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Monday, October 30, 2017

Campfire's Edge - The Last Lighthouse

The Last Lighthouse is a beautiful summer release of ambient structure. These sounds breath like bodies in sleep, peaceful and without thought or adieu. During this process, sparkling dreams are filtered through the unconsciousness. This high current of mental energy speeds along, leaving aural images of a fantastic other world, maybe one day we may see. Fragments or small segments are the only remnants brought back to the awake state. Campfire's Edge continues to dance in the shadows of our reality.

Nathan M. Yeager is the composing force behind Campfire's Edge. His compact disc is a relatively short affair completing in just under a half hour. There is a strikingly positive tone to The Last Lighthouse. Sounds filled with depth travel in parallel paths to the beauty of the natural world around us. The detailed glittering notes play above the flowing underground source. Chiming fluctuations cycle both in and out of sequence, like the mind projecting the path of a firefly based on speed and luminescence. This never works, and we are always left in wonder of the distances traveled. Much like Nathan's Campfire's Edge, an unexplained journey that simply imparts the magnificent details built from unimaginable amounts of time.

This is the debut EP for Campfire's Edge and was released on compact disc in an edition of one hundred and fifty. This works smoothly as one composition, but there is a lot of diversity within the six tracks. It will be interesting to see if a full length takes any one journey on the multiple paths created here. Currently available from the bandcamp page.

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