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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dream Vacation - Exude Sorry

In the late hours of the night, stumbling through the front door of a noisy house. Claustrophobic within the crowded mass, sounds tumble through the decades. The fever of emotion is inescapable, amplified then delivered in strained acute angles, pounding percussion and menacingly focused vocals. If you had to pin point Dream Vacation, the late eighties might be the closest origin. Refined punk music with jangled edges, smashing through the sound spectrum to smoothly envelope all listeners.

Exude Sorry is a quickie. Six songs in under twenty minutes. The entire cassette has a very well balanced flow. Every track is potentially a favorite and this migrates with each listen. With each time trough the tape, a greater understanding emerges of how skilled and tight these musicians are. With the classic format of two guitars, bass, drums and vocals, these songs transcend the stellar music, bringing into light the struggles and torment every person encounters.

Released on the Personal Archives label in the front part of this year. In an edition of one hundred, copies are currently available from the labels bandcamp page.

Personal Archives site -  bandcamp