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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Lex Boogie From the Bronx & Senz Beats - A Tale of 2 Planets

A Tale of Two Planets.... Where do you even begin with this monster? Did you ever listen to Double Nickels on the Dime by Minutemen? They actually had a documentary called We Jam Econo, explaining how the album was created. Lex Boogie from the Bonx and Senz Beats have this same innocent energy. Within these spools beat rhythms that are not calculable. These tracks possess the fluid dynamics of the present. Samples and rhymes squeezed into a ball and played with. Kicked, dribbled, thrown or whatever, Lex Boogie and Senz Beats are having more fun than imaginable. Deservedly so because you don't get to enjoy such a sonic roller coaster with out a ton of work to create it. Unfortunately playtime is over in a short thirty minute session for each.

Divided into two sides, the first unveils Lex Boogie From the Bronx. Approaching the world with a subdued brilliance. These splendorous beats move in cadence in the periphery of hearing. Day and night blink back and forth in an expansive stop motion cinematic experience. Go to work, relax at night, don't think about the sun exploding. Lex Boogie is constantly changing the sonic curtain and what rest behind it. Echoes of the past and future colliding, creating a fantastic planet to call new home. Where peacefulness is directly ahead and crawling rhythms lurk in dreams.

Senz Beats resides on the second side. A massive assortment of heavy rhythms rattle the foundations. Applied to this canvass, sonic colors in both accurate strokes and abstract slings. Bewildering samples and real time rap, this planet is just one thirty minute long groove. Together these fifteen tracks create an unprecedented sonic journey, the scenery perfectly in tune with every feature. Listen in the distance, Senz Beats is heard in the country side swinging a heavy sonic ax. But we just heard a mighty hammer pounding in the city? Everywhere a heavy rhythm ripples, made smooth by creative skill.

Released on the Belgium label Tanuki Records. A Tale of Two Planets is in an edition of one hundred and remains currently available. There were some t-shirts with a bundle purchase but those have all been bought up. Senz Beats had an earlier release on Tanuki Records titled Ode to the Ghosted. This one has sold out, but if interested here are some words by Lost in a Sea of Sound. Very positive A Tale of Two Planets will be gone soon too.

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