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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Meinschaft - To the Victim Belong the Spoils

What do you hear? The pulsing environment channeled through absorbing minds, noise, a modern symphony, a multitude of musical genres compressed way to tightly, slowly exploding over forty minutes. Meinschaft resists compartmentalizing labels. Yes, to those cool individuals working at brick and mortar record stores, To the Victim Belong the Spoils is grinning at you. Your ok though, you know this composition goes in the cassette section. Sigh of relief.... but wait do we have a tape section?

A rare Tymbal Tapes release slipping through the cassette cracks, being still available. Was fifty copies to many? Fortunately the answer is not nearly enough. Meinschaft is just far enough out there. Resting comfortably under a shady tree, waiting for it's listeners to get there. Just to clarify, the two tracks Tymbal Tapes has up on bandcamp are the last two pieces on the flip side of the tape. There is a magnificent side A waiting to be heard. A tangled collage of musical eddies swirling with both power and faintness. These rotations tranquilize and sedate like the din of noise heard while standing in the center of a fair grounds. Every ride, every game, every place to eat, beckoning you with fixed sounds. Speech is heard, wavering from exact directions to no sense at all. The experience is energizing and mystically untouchable. But, To the Victim Belong the Spoils is real, tangible and ready to offer all the hidden sonic wonders within.

If you have bought cassettes from Tymbal Tapes and passed on this one, make sure you grab a copy on your next order. The last track on the cassette, "Who Did It" is one of the two available to listen. This is a really sweet track but also could be one of the most extreme. Meinschaft and Tymbal Tapes probably made "Who Did It" as a listening sample, smiling the entire time.

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